Call for seminar participants|Progress in alternative technologies to animal experiments in the field of immunology – New options for drug safety testing using human cells

We have developed the human monocyte activation test (MAT test) as an alternative method test to the pyrogen test using animals. As human immune cells are used, cytokine production can be detected and the presence or absence of pyrogeneous substances can be assessed. It is also beginning to be used for other purposes, such as the safety evaluation of vaccines and medical devices and the evaluation of the immunostimulatory effects of foods.


Two types of seminars will be held sponsored by Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.

①Online Introduction Seminar

(Introduction of MylcMAT as a novel technology to replace animal testing)

②MylcMAT Hands-on Seminar

(Lecture and hands-on experience of detection methods using actual kits)


Overview of the event

①Online Introduction Seminar

 Date & Time: Tuesday, 2024/01/30, 16:00~17:00

 Location: Online

 Contents: ・Trends in testing pyrogeneous substances in Europe and Japan

      ・Introduction to MylcMAT

 Application deadline: Tuesday, 2024/01/30, 16:00


②MylcMAT Hands-on Seminar

 Date: Two similar seminars will be held in February and April.

    Each seminar will last two days.

    [February sessions] 21st, Wednesday, ・22nd, Thursday, 9:30~17:30

    [April sessions] 4th, Thursday,・5th, Friday, 9:30~17:30

 Location: Knowledge Foundation Research Center, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. (Iidabashi Miyuki Building 4F, 1-4 Shimomiyaibicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

 Contents: ・Background explanation of pyrogeneous substance testing, introduction of MylcMAT

     ・Demonstration and hands-on experience of reagent preparation, detection and measurement using MylcMAT kit


 Capacity: 2 groups per session, 2 people per group (first-come-first-served basis)

 Application deadline : [February sessions] Tuesday, 2024/02/20, 18:00

       [April sessions] Wednesday, 2024/04/03, 18:00

 Application : https://lne.st/2024/01/22/micanseminar/ 

(Please apply through the website of Liverness, Inc.)

For inquiries, please contact: MiCAN Technologies, Inc.

         Akiyoshi Miyasho, Research and Sales Department (amiyasho@micantechnologies.com)