Contribute to the health of people everywhere through
the donation of specialized blood cells using regenerative medicine technology
Creating a society where people can live without fear of infectious diseases

When I was on assignment in India, several of my colleagues fell ill with malaria dengue and other infectious diseases. Three-day fever malaria, for which the development of new drugs is urgently needed. Dengue fever, for which vaccine development is awaited. …… Research and development of blood-borne infectious diseases all require large quantities of specific blood cells, and the difficulty in obtaining them was the biggest factor in the delay in drug and vaccine development. Therefore, I decided to utilize Japan’s cutting-edge regenerative medicine technology to produce and supply the necessary specialized blood cells in large quantities and at low cost.
In 2015, after returning to Japan, his business proposal was adopted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Advanced Medical Solution Venture Support Program,” and he began full-fledged activities, establishing his company in 2016. Since then, we have received business support and assistance from various local governments, associations, and investment institutions, as well as awards from various organizations, while vigorously working with-minded colleagues and staff to develop and provide specialized blood cells to the world.
After 2020, COVID-19 will shake the world and infectious diseases are not only in the tropics, but people all over the world are living in fear. We hope that our blood cells will be useful in the development of new drugs and vaccines, and that various cell-based tests will be able to free people from the threat of infectious diseases.

Chief Executive OfficerKazuo Miyazaki

By the Numbers

Number of dengue fever cases reported to WHO in 2019. Actually believed to be under-reported.
million people
According to model estimates introduced by WHO, 390 million people are infected with dengue virus annually, of which 96 million develop clinical symptoms
More than
Currently endemic in more than 100 countries in the WHO region of Africa, the Americas, the Eastern Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, and the Western Pacific
Turning Impossible Missions into Reality

When we talked about “eliminating the threat of infectious diseases with cells,” many people told us that it could not be done, that they understood the sentiment but that the task was too difficult. What we were trying to tackle was truly a “mission impossible” challenge. However, we believed that we could solve the challenge through persistent application of cutting-edge science. Our company name “MiCAN” includes our belief that “Mission Impossible” can be transformed into “CAN”.

We take science seriously and return the results to society.

We believe in the power of science. At the same time, we are constantly aware of the depth of science. We realize every day that the technology that forms the basis of our products is based on the steady efforts of many researchers, and we honestly conduct experiments to determine the results. The world’s most advanced technology is established after many experiments and trials. And we consider it most important to return that technology to the world in the form of products. We are determined to utilize the power of science we have gained for the benefit of the world. This desire is one of our driving forces.


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