Contributing to the health of all people around the world by providing specialized blood cells using stem cell technology

The technology of regenerative medicine will enable mass production and stable supply of homogeneous and highly accurate “Specialized blood cells” dramatically improving the efficiency of infectious disease research and the efficacy and safety evaluation of pharmaceuticals and functional materials, and realize a new cell-based drug discovery platform.

Our Technologies

We combine four cell-specific technologies: gene editing, differentiation induction, immortalization,

and integrated production to design specialized blood cells at will.

cell design technology

We induce differentiation into hematopoietic cells, change cells at will, and make it possible to provide homogeneous specialized cells in large quantities and in a stable manner based on immortalization and integrated production technologies.

gene editing
differentiation induction
integrated production

Using this “cell design technology,”
we provide high-precision “immature blood cells” developed for the evaluation of functional materials for pharmaceuticals,
foods, cosmetics, etc.,
and “evaluation services” using these cells.


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