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We have developed
blood cells, 
research of COVID-19!

We have developed a human white blood cells, cMylc, based on Mylc cell optimized for the evaluation of the efficacy and safety of vaccines and drugs for COVID-19, which is shaking the world!
High precision and uniform blood cells produced using regenerative medicine technologies drastically accelerate the evaluation of the efficacy of drugs for COVID-19.
(Please contact us for details.)

We are providing high precision immature blood cells developed for various types of evaluation of drugs and functional materials for cosmetics and foods, and offer a contract evaluation service using the blood cells.


High precision artificial blood cells

We can provide various types of uniform and high precision blood cells with identical genetic background, in any quantity you need, using iPS cell technology (regenerative medicine technology).

young red blood cells



Material for R&D for infectious diseases, etc. affecting red blood cells.

Immature dendritic cells



Material for evaluation of efficacy and safety
of drugs, etc.


Contract evaluation service

We also provide a contract evaluation service using our products for drugs and functional materials. You can select and design the blood cells. Our high precision and efficient evaluation can save you time and money.

Efficacy evaluation


Efficacy evaluation
 contract service
for drugs,
 functional materials, etc.

  Safety evaluation


Safety evaluation
contract service
for drugs,
functional materials, etc.


(artificial dendritic cells produced using regenerative medicine technology)

changes the future of development of drugs and functional materials and research of infectious diseases!


Cell design capability

Cell design capability is our extraordinary core competence, unique to MiCAN.
We can design cells in a comprehensive manner based on various factors including selection of gene, control of differentiation stage,
and determination of the immortalization point.



Gene editing technology

We can produce blood cells reflecting various genetic backgrounds with genetic manipulation technology of progenitor cells.


Differentiation-inducing technology

We provide high-quality blood cells in a homogeneous differentiation
state from iPS cells with a high differentiation inducing rate.


Cell immortalization technology

We immortalize the cells just before each shipment. Thus, they maintain the original characteristics and can be used in experiments in a fresh condition.
Their characteristics are hard to change unlike originally
immortalized leukemia cell lines,
and you can obtain results similar to normal in vivo responses.


Consistent production technology

By improving the production efficiency, we can provide
the required number of blood cells stably at a reasonable price.

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