Mylc ELISA(human IL-6) Kit

Evaluation kit

Evaluation kit using Mylc cells, which are excellent in precision and reproducibility. This kit contains the key materials and the evaluation conditions have already been optimized. Evaluation using cells which you are not familiar with is often troublesome, but you can start evaluation quickly with this kit optimized for evaluation.

Assay protocol is already fixed. You can start evaluation studies immediately.

Contents of kit
– Cells : Mylc cells (frozen in storage medium, 1 screw vial)

– Specific culture medium : Specific for culture of Mylc cells for measurement and evaluation (frozen product, 50 mL bottle × 1)

– Stimulant : NiSO4 solution for control stimulation (refrigerated, 1 vial)

– Measurement reagent : ELISA kit for measurement of IL-6 produced in supernatant

You can obtain the results the day following the evaluation. This speed greatly accelerates research and development.

You can readily perform high quality evaluation.

You can readily use a large quantity of homogeneous Mylc cells for evaluation without troublesome condition setting.


Free from complicated condition setting

Because the kit is delivered with the optimum conditions for evaluation, you can readily start evaluation.


You can start immediately with this All-in-One kit.

This kit contains all the materials necessary for evaluation: from blood cells to measurement reagents. You can start evaluation immediately.

Principle of evaluation

A test substance is added to the Mylc cells, and the produced transmitter (IL-6) is quantified. The intensity of the stimulation by the test substance can be evaluated numerically, which enables judgment of the function.

*Please provide the following instruments and materials by yourself in advance. Sterilized centrifuge tubes/Pipettes and pipette tips/96-well culture plate / Centrifuge, CO2 incubator/other necessary materials and instruments


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