Efficacy evaluation

Evaluation of drug effects and efficacy

We can measure the response of cells to drugs and functional materials with high precision. Speedy and reliable evaluation greatly accelerates the development of drugs and materials.

We can measure cell responses with high precision, greatly facilitating the development of pharmaceutical products.

We can measure cell responses with high precision by quantifying command substances released from Mylc after the addition of test compounds. Cost and time can be greatly reduced because of the simplicity of the method. Cells with identical genes are always available, which enables consistent results to be achieved in a series of experiments. In addition, application of uMylc with specific characteristics of diseases is attracting attention as a promising pharmacological study method. In many ways, high precision blood cells greatly accelerate the development of pharmaceutical products.

Efficacy study with LPS and SAC

Our cells respond to model substances in efficacy studies (LPS, SAC) with high sensitivity.

Sensitivity study to LPS
Sensitivity study for SAC


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