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We are looking for a research sales person to be in charge of sales of our main product, Mylc cells. The job involves understanding research and proposing solutions to researchers' problems. If you are interested, please apply.


For research on viral infections such as dengue and for immunostimulatory evaluation. Myeloid cells (specialized myeloid cells). Research on infectious diseases and evaluation of immunostimulation using the above

Target Clients

Currently, our customers are mainly researchers from food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical companies, and we receive their needs, conduct experiments and analysis, and examine and propose cells and evaluation systems. In the future, we are looking for someone who can conduct technical sales based on an understanding of immune cells, especially since our main focus will be on sales to researchers at pharmaceutical companies.

Job Description

Evaluation experiments using Mylc cells (in some cases)Development of new customers, customer service, explanations (preparation of materials), proposals, and report writing

Essential Requirements

・Experience in technical sales of pharmaceuticals, reagent sales, etc.

・Person who can think independently and conduct sales activities

・Person who understands and can explain the technical details of the product (immuno-cell)

・Person who can prepare sales materials and write proposals for contract research by himself/herself.

Welcome Requirements

Experienced sales person in a CRO, immunology researcher (master, doctoral degree is a plus), actual experimental experience (blood cell-based studies, cytokine, FCS, ELISA studies), and able to work in a team.

Duty station

Kyoto Head Office


Annual salary system: 4.8 million yen ~ (monthly base salary: 400,000 yen ~ )
※Please consult with us based on your experience, skills, etc.

Employment status

Full-time employee (with an initial probationary period)

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