Immortalized myeloid cells


The cells are dendritic cells of high precision and high sensitivity, realized using iPS cell technology (regenerative medicine technology). Their differentiation state is controlled to remain in an immature state (non-stimulated). Substituting provided blood, which has many problems, such as variable condition and poor availability, our products can drastically improve the reliability and speed of various evaluations of drugs and functional materials. A variety of cells with different genetic background can be produced. Our products are the most suitable for research of infectious diseases.

Mylc’s high sensitivity and accurate results strongly drives research of infectious diseases

Mylc strongly supports research with high sensitivity to infection and accurate results compared with conventional research materials.

Comparison of sensitivity to infection

Three different types of the genetic backgrounds to meet demands.

You can select the base cells (3 types) and genotype of white blood cells (HLA, etc.).
You can also customize the cells from provided blood (uMylc).



Human peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Showing in vivo-like characteristics and reactions



iPS cell-derived blood cells
Having standardized genetic background. Standard reactions can be elicited.



Customization using provided blood
Blood cell materials with characteristics of the donor can be prepared.


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