Our patent regarding the evaluation method for infectious disease drugs and vaccines using immortalized monocyte cells in our application has been officially registered.

The patent, jointly filed by our company, Kumamoto University, and Osaka University, titled “Evaluation Method for Anti-Infectious Disease Drugs, Vaccines, etc., Using Necrotized Monocyte Cells and Induced Cells,” has been registered on November 8, 23rd (Ref document number7376013). This marks the second registered patent from our company’s applications. The patent pertains to the use of our Mylc cells in the development and evaluation of infectious disease drugs and vaccines for Dengue virus. We have patented the fundamental technology to use our cells for drug discovery support. We plan to continue patenting new technologies we are developing in the future.


URL : https://patents.google.com/patent/JPWO2020045368A1/en?oq=WO%2f2020%2f045368