MylcMAT Kit (for research), a kit for the evaluation of thermogenic substances using immortalised myeloid cells (Mylc), is now available for testing.

The MylcMAT Kit (for research), a kit for the evaluation of pharmaceutical and other thermogenic substances using aMylc cells, research myeloid cells derived from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells, has been developed and will be available for testing from 10 April (Monday).

Promotion of the commercialisation of the Mylc™MAT, a pyrogen test using immortalised myeloid cells (aMylc™), in collaboration with Shimadzu Diagnostics Corp.

MiCAN Technologies Inc. (hereafter referred to as MiCAN) has developed a novel pyrogen test (MylcMAT method) using aMylc cells (*1), which are immortalised myeloid cells derived from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells.To provide the Mylc MAT method as a product, MiCAN will collaborate with Shimadzu Diagnostics Corporation (hereafter referred to as SDC), to develop and provide the Mylc MAT method.

We possess the core technology to provide human myeloid cells (*2), which play an important role in infectious diseases and immune system disorders, “in large quantities, stably and continuously”. Myeloid cells are developed and marketed as Mylc cells using this technology. Because Myeloid cells have an excellent immune response, we provide cytokine production evaluation kits (Myeloid cell™ ELISA (human IL-6) Kit) and other products for researchers.

For medicinal products and vaccines, including regenerative medicine products, a ‘pyrogen test’ is mandatory to ensure that they are not contaminated with a pyrogenic substance caused by bacteria, viruses or other micro-organisms. The laws and regulations of each country stipulate the obligation to conduct this test on a lot-by-lot basis prior to shipment. Currently, tests using animals such as rabbits are the mainstream, but they are inappropriate not only from an ESG perspective but also from the perspective of non-responsiveness to micro-organisms such as viruses that only infect humans. Therefore, it is expected that the test method using human monocyte cells (Monocyte Activation Test, MAT test method) will replace the current method in Europe and Japan in accordance with the revision of the Pharmacopoeia.

We have been developing a MAT test method using Mylc cells (MylcMAT method) with support from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO) Seed-stage R&D Start-up Support Project (STS project). Now, with additional investment from SDC, we will build a stable production system for Mylc cells and accelerate development towards commercialisation of the MylcMAT method and sales in Japan and Europe.

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