We will be conducting a panel discussion on alternative methods to animal experimentation at the Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference 2024 TOKYO.

Panel Discussion on Alternative Methods to Animal Experimentation: “Advancements in Human Cell Culture Technology Transforming Animal Experimentation Alternatives – New Approaches to Evaluating Pharmaceuticals, Food, and Cosmetics”. This panel discussion will be held jointly by the conference organizers, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., and our company, at the Interdisciplinary Conference 2024 Tokyo-Kanto Conference to be held on March 9th.


Date and Time: March 9, 2024 (Saturday) 14:00-14:50
Location: Bellsalle Shinjuku Grand Conference Center
(5F, Sumitomo Realty Shinjuku Grand Tower, 8-17-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)


Traditional safety testing of pharmaceuticals using animals and functional testing of pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics are transitioning to new testing methods amidst the global trend of banning animal experimentation. We will discuss cutting-edge animal experimentation alternatives, including safety testing methods developed by our company, and the future direction of these methods. Please join us.


Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference

session release (Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.)