You can evaluate the efficacy and safety of drug candidates and functional materials more accurately, efficiently and quickly at lower cost than ever.
Human myeloid linage cells (one of white blood cells) stably supplied at low cost through cutting-edge technologies will increase the efficiency of the development of drugs and functional materials in future.

Mylc, human myeloid
linage cells,
changes the research
of drugs and materials.


Our products are high precision immature blood cells,
which accelerate various types of evaluation and research of drugs and functional materials.
Kit products, which contain a set of the necessary items for evaluation, are also available.

You can select our blood cells and how they are provided from among various options depending on the research objectives.

High precision homogeneous blood cells with identical genetic information perfectly meet R&D demands.

High precision results standing out from evaluation using conventional blood cells. You can also reduce your cost.

Dendritic cells are a key factor for evaluation. It used to be almost impossible to extract pure dendritic cells from provided blood. However, now we can mass-produce them stably in an immature state using iPS cell technology. Thus, the precision of evaluation has been drastically improved compared with that using conventional blood cells and the cost and the time can be greatly reduced.

Homogeneous blood cells with identical genetic information

The same genetic information and conditions can be always reproduced in our laboratory. This feature contributes to a drastic improvement in the accuracy and applicability of evaluation.

We can control the differentiation stage to the optimum conditions

Differentiation stage (maturity) can be minutely controlled with our high level of regenerative medicine technologies and product control. Research and evaluation of high accuracy are available.

Stable mass-production and supply are possible.

You can obtain blood cells in the sufficient quantities in ideal condition any time. You can conduct research and development and efficacy evaluation with no delay and accelerate your development.



We are developing different types of myeloid blood cells for different purposes including those for COVID-19. We have newly started the development of macrophage lineage blood cells.

Differentiated state (condition) of blood cells and our products

Products under development

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